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Our daughter, Paige, had the pleasure of training with Luke Walton primarily during her junior year of high school and fall of her senior year. He was such an integral part of her success not only physically but also mentally. Luke helped her make incredible strides in her sport. He challenged her in ways no other coach came close to. She admired his tenacity, his confidence in her, and his continued positive energy. He challenged her on the erg and inspired her to do her best with weekly workouts she grew to love. She especially cherished time with him just talking and creating attainable goals as an athlete, teammate, and D1 rower. Luke was a true mentor to Paige at a time most needed and will always remain a positive role model for her. Thank you Luke for all your continued support helping Paige become a D1 rower on the east coast where she truly belongs.

Lauren Hardy

Parent TestimonialParent Testimonial

We were new to rowing when our eldest son, Jack, began rowing in high school. We soon realized that for him to excel at the sport he needed coaching on technique and race strategy that went well beyond what his high school coach was able to provide. We turned to Luke Walton (Rowing Academy) and Jack soon began pulling faster erg times and winning seat races on the water. Luke also coached him through race strategy and the mental side of rowing. When our younger son, Matt, started rowing, there was no question that he too would be coached by Luke. Luke was an invaluable resource for both of our sons throughout their high school years as they continuously strived to go faster on the water, pull faster ergs and place higher in races. Luke provided unparalleled insight into the recruiting process and continues to be a valued mentor, sounding board and resource for both of our sons as they compete as Division I student athletes in college.

Edward and Susan Piegza
Parents of Jack Piegza (’19), captain Cornell University Lightweight Rowing Team and Matthew Piegza (’21), University of Pennsylvania Heavyweight Rowing Team

Parent TestimonialParent Testimonial

Luke and his coaching program were the X Factor for me not just during the recruiting phase but throughout my entire collegiate rowing career. Luke’s approach to coaching takes it much further than a training program that prepares athletes for college. His immense knowledge of the college rowing world enabled him to help me better understand the different team cultures that the coaches instilled in their programs and which programs would be the right fit for my personality. Furthermore, Luke emphasized the mental and emotional development in our training which enabled me to be fully prepared for the change in pace of Division 1 rowing, therefore allowing me to have an immediate impact on the team from Day 1.

Luke never stepped away from his role as my coach as he pivoted into more of a mentorship role during my four years of rowing. He continued to check in on how my workouts were going and was always available to talk at a moments notice when I needed advice.

I can’t emphasize enough how vital of a role Luke played in not just helping me open the door to have the opportunity to row in college, but be a high performing member of the team.

David DeVries (Yale Heavyweight ‘16)

Athlete TestimonialAthlete Testimonial

Our son started working with Luke in high school as an "outside" ERG coach. As competent and hardworking as the Club coaches were, our son needed the extra time with Luke to learn to ERG faster and improve his technique without hurting himself in the process. Every session our son had with Luke helped his posture, his technique and his speed.
Most of all, Luke taught him so much about keeping a healthy mindset as a developing athlete. Parents who have experienced the arduous process of helping their student-athlete get recruited for their sport know how daunting the competition, frustration and confusion can be.
We began to realize that Luke's involvement in our son's life was so much more important than just learning how to reduce that all-important 2K!
Luke began to help him organize the recruiting process. He helped our son to refine his list of schools, advised us on how to start communications with coaches, and helped him to understand the timing of the entire process. Luke opened our son's mind to consider schools he had felt were out of his reach and always offered information on national and international choices. Because Luke had the unique background of an elite College, Olympic and Graduate School rowing background , he was able to offer our son so much useful guidance. Everywhere, our son went to interview, he mentioned that he was working with Luke Walton. Every coach we met knew of Luke and his rowing success as well as his strong friendships and relationships in the rowing community. In closing, Luke's guidance and support was key in those often difficult days of recruiting. Our son is about to start his Senior Year at an Ivy League University. Luke is still the person our son turns to tell him of race successes and setbacks. He is a role model, advisor and friend to our son. I am extraordinarily grateful to have had this gentleman in our son's life.

Liz Whall Hartt

Parent TestimonialParent Testimonial

"I came to Luke at the end of my junior year of high school, after having rowed for 9-10 months, hoping to get recruited to my dream school to compete at the collegiate level. I started late in the recruiting process, and knew it would be a challenge. Not only did Luke help me hit my 2k PR to get recruited to the University of Southern California's women's rowing team (my dream school!) with only one year of rowing experience, but his support and guidance throughout each erg test and mental barrier allowed me to be a better rower and athlete when I competed at the Division I level. I continue to look up to him as a mentor, and all athletes can learn a lot from his actionable, tailored plans for his clients, positive attitude and confidence in each athlete. I just graduated cum laude from USC, and wouldn't have been able to pursue my professional and athletic interests if it weren't for Luke. I cannot recommend him enough!"

- Caroline Wohl