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Creating Character in Coxswains Through the Full Embrace of the Pursuit of Their Craft

“Coxing is a role of importance and leadership, unmatched in sport. It is a job that reflects not just what technical information you possess, but more importantly who you are at the center of your character. The resources provided by Rower Academy are presented not to just teach a junior coxswain what it takes to compete on the collegiate or elite level, but also to elevate their thinking and enrich their knowledge. Our goal is not only to improve your skills and guide you through the coxswain recruiting process, but also to inspire and contribute to your personal growth.

No matter how good you are currently, you will need to continue to improve to be a competitive candidate for recruitment and collegiate coxswain.  There are very few recruiting spots available to coxswains – I know this from personal experience, as recruited junior coxswain, IRA champion, elite coxswain, and collegiate rowing coach. To this end, Rower Academy has created a library of information covering the totality and complexities of the role of coxswain from on the water skills, to growing the personality traits that make us the best leaders we can be.

Coxing is never perfect and is constantly evolving in the face of countless variables. Those who choose to engage coxing to its fullest extent, to be a student of the craft, and to embrace its challenges are the ones who not only end up at the college of their dreams, but also go on to do even bigger and better post-grad.  As such, we hope that you will choose to be a student of coxing and join the Academy, to learn how to excel under the pressure and to become the very best student athlete you can be.” 

– Dan Gilbert, Rower Academy Coxswain Coach