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How to Become More Recruitable: 

Two day online clinics for athletes serious about rowing in college


(9am-12pm PST / 12pm-3pm EST both days)

Contact Us with Questions: (858) 333-5445 or

Olympians Luke Walton and Kerry Simmonds Present College Rowing Recruiting Clinics for High School Rowers Focused On Ergometer Skills & Performance; Injury Prevention & Personal Development; Recruiting; Goal Setting; and Mastering the Mental Game.  


The Clinics are Hosted on ZOOM. 


The Cost for Both Days of Each Clinic is $499 (member) and $599 (non-member).


Equipment: Athletes must have access to their own rowing machine, the ZOOM app (download the ZOOM app here), and access to a device with microphone and sound (headphones/earbuds are not mandatory but are preferable).

Included with the Cost of the Clinic, Athletes Will Receive:
  1. A Structured 1 Week Rowing Program (hosted on Google Docs) for athletes to follow and post their results.  Athletes will receive coaches Walton/Simmonds’ commentary, feedback, and encouragement as they complete the weeklong program.   
  2. The Official Rower Academy 2k racing strategy guide (pdf format)
  3. Ability to submit a 60 second erg video post-camp, for technical review.  Upon submission, athletes will then receive a 20 min one-on-one review of their technique with either coach Walton or coach Simmonds. 
Athlete Optional Add-On:
  1. Athletes also have the opportunity to participate in a post-clinic one-on-one follow up virtual session for the discounted price of $99 (a $195 Member/$275 Non-Member Value).
Contact Us with Questions: (858) 333-5445 or

Saturday Itinerary (3 hr. session):

Introductions: Coaches and Athletes.


  1. The Machine – basics, drag factor, foot setting
  2. How to Row the Machine – the physics of the machine and how to work within them
  3. Olympic Drills to Improve Rowing Stroke and Efficiency
  4. Workout to Focus on Perpetuating Good Rowing Technique at Any Stroke Rate 

Injury Prevention & Personal Development:

  1. The Importance of Warm Up and Warm Down
  2. Cross-Training / Core And Strength Training 
  3. Injury Prevention and Dealing with Injuries
  4. The Importance of Sleep


  1. The Mental Game 
  2. Goal Setting and Execution 

Sunday Itinerary (3 hr. session):

Introductions: Coaches and Athletes Welcome Back.


  1. Recruiting Simplified – GPA/ACT/SAT up, Erg Score Down.  
  2. The Recruiting Timeline – 8th Grade/Freshman Year to Fall of Senior Year.  
  3. Communicating with Coaches – How and when to communicate with coaches.  
  4.  “So Where Do You Want to Spend the Next Four Years of Your Life?”


  1.  2k Racing – Introduction to the Rower Academy 2k Strategy Guide.
  2.  Olympian Inspired Workouts to Improve 2k Speed 
Contact Us with Questions: (858) 333-5445 or